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Angara Emerald-Cut Tanzanite Pendant with Diamond Trio INVLsixFP
Angara Emerald-Cut Tanzanite Pendant with Diamond Trio
11th August 2015 at 10:50 pm

This is supposed to be a fact check? It only presented a very limited and cleverly biased position.

The very large majority of people charged with rape, assault, larceny, burglary, auto theft, arson, forgery, fraud, embezzlement, vandalism, weapons violations, drug abuse, DUIs, public drunkeness, and disorderly conduct are WHITE people.

…Yet, the media portrayal of what a criminal is is a BLACK or LATINO person. Follow the law and police won’t harass you right?

Don’t believe the stats – see the FBI’s own table.…/crime-in-the-u.s.-2011/tables/table-43

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Some white people are living in denial, and their moral self-righteousness denies the reality of what is going on all over the world. Instead of facing the reality that blacks are suffering because of instutionalize racism, they turn their heads and say to themselves it’s no so. They say it’s all black people fault to feel better about themselves. They also say “black people need to work hard like the rest of us if they want to get ahead. Whites discriminate when black apply for jobs, I have witnessed this myself. In the days of slavery there were just as many white Christians as it is today who thought it was ok to have slaves. Not only did they have them they were very brutal and cruel to them. Do any of you so call white Christians think those thousands of white people back then were right and were do you think they will spend eternity for their evilness? Some “say I didn’t have anything to do with slavery”, but fail to realize they are reaping the benefits from slavery to this day. Some of you are suffering from a superiority complex and deny it because, you are asinine. They (some white people) have these child-like delusions of entitlement to see everyone as the mistake except themselves. When it comes to the admitting their sins they resort to lies and spew out kind nonsense when the facts dismantles their arguments. Their arguments aren’t built on factual research, but instead its reflected by ignorance, hate and arrogance. Claiming that another race is inferior to their own is good for their self esteem and they need these pointless forms rhetoric to balance their inner conflicting issues with GUILT. I have been in this world 70 years and witness a lot of evil done to whites, blacks and all groups of people. God knows it’s the truth, when I say no other group of people except the native Americans have been treated as cruel and brutal as blacks. It’s beyond me how anyone who know anything about God, can think that God will allow those who do these evil to go unpunished. By no means am I saying black people are angels, there’s good and bad in every ethnic group and those who sin will have to answer to God no matter who you are and what color you are. As a whole whites have committed more crimes against blacks it would take blacks 400 years to catch up. When I think of how black people have been treated and how they are treated to this day, it brings to mind this passage from the bible. Ps. Hear what the word of God is saying: Sin speaks to the wicked deep in their hearts; they reject God and do not have reverence for him. Because they think so highly of themselves, they think that God will not discover their sin and condemn it. Their speech is wicked and full of lies; they no longer do what is wise and good. They make evil plans as they lie in bed; nothing they do is good, and they never reject anything evil. The wicked plot against good people and glare at them with hate. But the Lord laughs at wicked people, because he knows they will soon be destroyed. The wicked draw their swords and bend their bows to kill the poor and needy, to slaughter those who do what is right; but they will be killed by their own swords, and their bows will be smashed. If you believe it or not, we will all have to stand before God in judgment. I’m so glad God is the final judge of who’s right and whose wrong and I wouldn’t want to be the socks in the shoes of those who are wrong and think they are right.


7. You have a plan.

The most important objective in your interview is to demonstrate how you will benefit the company (not how they will benefit you). Don't forget this important distinction in your interview. Explain to employers how you would do the roles required for the job and why you'd be best at implementing your ideas. You obviously won't have all of the details worked out, but have some general ideas you think would work well and know why they would work.

8. You want to build a career in the company.

This is sort of a bonus because it may not always be true going into an interview. But, if you know you want to build a career in the company, say so in your interview. Your interviewer wants to know you're invested in the company and you don't have plans to move on quickly. If you think you'd like to work for the company for a long time, mention it in your interview.

Whether you are applying for a job as an engineer or an office clerk, these things hardly change. If you remember to touch on these points, you'll be better off in all of your job interviews.


What are some other things you should always say in job interviews?

Heather R. Huhman is a career expert, experienced hiring manager, and founder president of Come Recommended , a content marketing and digital PR consultancy for job search and human resources technologies. She is also the instructor of Angara Amethyst Pendant in White Gold wHA57
, author of Fine Jewelry Personalized 10K Yellow Gold Initial Arrow Necklace emOrKo
(2011) and #ENTRYLEVELtweet: Taking Your Career from Classroom to Cubicle (2010), and writes career and recruiting advice for numerous outlets .

Heather R. Huhman

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